Anan Kids

Theme based learning methodology of Anan is a proven successful model since this methodology of teaching offers a wide range of opportunities for skill development. It is an integrated model which has the benefits of various teaching methodologies ranging from Montessori to play -the way method. Learning is imparted through work station-style where children work in small groups by which the learning level of children is assessed.

Anan Labs:

All the 9 specific domains are closely knit through our exclusive labs. The labs are fully equipped with subject rich content. A particular theme revolves around all the labs in different ways in order to cater to the needs of different types of learners. Teaching and Learning are carried forward in work station style where each individual is given attention. The above is incorporated in the below listed Labs.

Core Labs:

  1. Language Lab
  2. Math Lab
  3. Science Lab
  4. Multimedia


Skill Labs:
  1. Creative Corner
  2. Home Corner
  3. Dance & Music Gym
  4. Performing Arts


Holistic Development:


   Holistic Development - Anan Kids Academy

Anan’s curriculum emphasizes the importance of Holistic Development. The holistic approach takes a creative outlook on education and provides children with a pace of learning tailored to their individual needs. Learning is imparted through 9 specific domains, identified and structured in keeping with the tenets of holistic growth and development. Such a system is unique to Anan and is a result of sustained improvisation of teaching methodology.

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