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3 effective tips for creating a positive learning environment at home

3 effective tips for creating a positive learning environment at home - Anan Kids Academy

Whether you struggle to stay engaged or your child has difficulty with school, the cause may be your home environment. A lack of positive reinforcement, adult role models, and an overly competitive culture create an unsupportive learning environment at home. If your child isn’t getting the support they need at school, it’s time to change […]

What’s all the buzz about preschool franchises?

What's all the buzz about preschool franchises - Anan Kids Academy

Franchising has become an increasingly popular option for entrepreneurs looking to start their own businesses. One area that is seeing a surge in franchise opportunities is the preschool market. In the last few years, several new franchises have been popping up throughout the globe, offering services like daycare and preschool education. So, what’s all the buzz […]

Here’s how you can help your child read better

Here's how you can help your child read better- Anan Kids Academy

Reading is an important skill for children as it helps them develop their language and communication skills. It also helps them learn new concepts, build their vocabulary, and increase their mental stimulation. If you want to help your child read better, below are simple things you can do to encourage them.   Make reading a priority […]

Franchising in education: the future

Franchising in education the future - Anan Kids Academy

Education has always been a cornerstone of society, but in the last decade, we have seen a massive shift in the way it is delivered. Franchising has become increasingly popular in the education sector as more and more people opt for personalized learning experiences. This blog post will discuss why franchising has become so successful […]

Overview of Anan Kids Academy and its benefits for investors

Overview of Anan Kids Academy and its benefits for investors

One of the leading international schools in Tamilnadu, Anan International School, established in 2009, is an initiative of The Sharp Group, providing children and young people with a rigorous and progressive education in an international setting. Student life at AIS is a rich and vibrant experience. Being an Ananite is an intentional, dynamic, and thriving way […]

Pre-school Franchise – The best option for Women Entrepreneurs!

Pre-school Franchise for Women Entrepreneurs - Franchise Opportunity in Coimbatore (Anan Kids)

Let’s discuss in this blog today why a pre-school franchise business is the best option for women who are willing to start up a business on their own. Today a lot of women entrepreneurs are emerging across the nation. It’s understood that the transformation from a homemaker to an entrepreneur wouldn’t have been easy for any woman […]

Emerging Women Pre-School Owners!

Best preschool Franchise opportunity in Coimbatore

Way back in 2016, a set of women pre-school owners were interviewed by ‘The Times of India’. The article was even titled as ‘Women techies switch to pre-school franchises’ It was stated that among all jobs, teaching pre-schoolers is stress-free and help women have a work-life balance. Women who are passionate about teaching kids prefer […]