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Working families faced the biggest challenge during pandemic, as the pre-schools and day cares were closed. Be it work from office or work from home, without a stable form of childcare the working parents were put in a tough situation to make major decisions.

In the Harvard business national panel survey of 2,500 working parents, nearly 20% of working parents had to leave work or reduce their work hours solely due to lack of childcare. Only 30% of all working parents had a back-up childcare source. 40% of parents said that the factors for deciding who would be responsible for taking care of the children came down to which parent worked more hours or had a less flexible schedule. It became a common problem for all fathers and mothers who were building their career for their child’s future.

On the other hand, lot of pre-schools were forced to shut down. Now, we are all back to the new normal. Working parents are asked to report to office. No more work from home for many. And parents are looking for the best childcare centers for their child. As lot of small-scale pre-school owners are in financial crisis due to closed pre-schools for past 2 years, they are unable to reopen and run it all over again.

The increase in the demand of pre-schools is a blessing in disguise for the established pre-school brands, who are giving away franchises and also for investors who partner with them.

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