Anan Kids

Affordable Investment

The financial commitment is low-risk and more affordable than any other start up. It takes less than two years to pay back the investment. Guaranteed ROI

Work Life Balance

Preschool business is one of the most family-friendly businesses. Business hours are from Monday to Friday which allows you to spend quality time with your family and friends at weekends.

Social Responsibility

Nowadays People look for ways to positively impact the community they live in. Preschool business provides essential services to parents, grandparents, and community members and plays a major role in shaping the young minds

Demand for Pre-schools

Child care is essential. Parents need someone they trust to care for their children while they work. Parents will be more dependent on you if you have a quality preschool that offers premium child care.

Recession Proof Business
Although it sounds absurd, the truth is that every parent requires reliable child care, no matter what the economic situation. From personal experience, we know that the childcare industry can be quite stable. We have grown and survived the 2008 recession and continued to grow in the 2020 pandemic too.

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