Most profitable franchise business opportunities in India!

Most profitable franchise business opportunities in India - Anan Kids Academy

Being the third-largest consumer of goods and services, launching a franchise in India is always profitable. Automobiles, beauty, fast food, education, wellness, fashion, and healthcare are some of the great opportunities for starting a franchise. The franchise model helps a lot of brands with their expansion in India. If you are someone who wishes to […]

What is a Theme-based curriculum? How do we implement it?

Theme-based curriculum - Anan Kids Academy

Theme based learning methodology of Anan is a proven successful model since this methodology of teaching offers a wide range of opportunities for skill development. It is an integrated model which has the benefits of various teaching methodologies ranging from Montessori to play -the way method. Learning is imparted through work station-style where children work in […]

Increasing demand of Pre-schools post pandemic!

Increasing demand of Pre-schools post pandemic - Anan Kids

Working families faced the biggest challenge during pandemic, as the pre-schools and day cares were closed. Be it work from office or work from home, without a stable form of childcare the working parents were put in a tough situation to make major decisions. In the Harvard business national panel survey of 2,500 working parents, nearly 20% of […]

Overview of Anan Kids Academy and its benefits for investors

Overview of Anan Kids Academy and its benefits for investors

One of the leading international schools in Tamilnadu, Anan International School, established in 2009, is an initiative of The Sharp Group, providing children and young people with a rigorous and progressive education in an international setting. Student life at AIS is a rich and vibrant experience. Being an Ananite is an intentional, dynamic, and thriving way […]

Back to School! – How to help kids beat the stress

Back to School - Anan Kids

The pandemic forced kids out of school for years, which led to online learning. The transformation in routine from waking up early to getting ready for school to barely feeling awake for online classes impacted children. Smartphones and play stations have replaced running, jumping, and real-time playing. Fortunately, schools reopened to help children resume a healthy […]

Do not delay the admission of your Pre-schooler. Here’s why!

Pre-schooler - Anan Kids

The impact of the pandemic extended to kids’ schooling. The kids who are supposed to be playing like kids are more like adults obsessed over smart devices. The little ones have a misconception that school and school-related things happen only over smart devices and are unaware of socialization. Parents who earlier force their kids to come home […]

Staying Profitable! – Partner with the best pre-school franchise in India

best pre-school franchise in India - anankids

To stay profitable in any business is challenging. But partnering with the best pre-school franchise in India makes it much easier with Its proven strategies. Here is why you need to partner with the best pre-school franchise in India All preschool franchise in India offers similar services. But you get carried away by the brand’s […]

Pre-school Franchise – The best option for Women Entrepreneurs!

Pre-school Franchise for Women Entrepreneurs - Franchise Opportunity in Coimbatore (Anan Kids)

Let’s discuss in this blog today why a pre-school franchise business is the best option for women who are willing to start up a business on their own. Today a lot of women entrepreneurs are emerging across the nation. It’s understood that the transformation from a homemaker to an entrepreneur wouldn’t have been easy for any woman […]

Turn your passion into profits! – Own a pre-school

Turn your passion into profits! – Own a pre-school

Do you want to live with passion and follow that burning desire inside you? You may come across friends, family or relatives who start complaining about their jobs, every chance they get. It is possible for you to step out of your current situation by identifying the right opportunities that will turn your passion into […]

Emerging Women Pre-School Owners!

Best preschool Franchise opportunity in Coimbatore

Way back in 2016, a set of women pre-school owners were interviewed by ‘The Times of India’. The article was even titled as ‘Women techies switch to pre-school franchises’ It was stated that among all jobs, teaching pre-schoolers is stress-free and help women have a work-life balance. Women who are passionate about teaching kids prefer […]